The Deetz on …. Oliva Pure Olive Oil Soap

Ok so I’m all for natural products, especially after my massive skin care overhaul (I basically only use completely natural products on my face now and CAN TOTALLY SEE THE RESULTS). I have spots on my back and thought maybe the body washes I was using were actually making me break out a lot more in that area, so I thought why not try something natural. I picked up this Oliva Pure Olive Soap from Holland and Barrett for just £1.15, you can check it out here.

Ok so here are The Deetz

The Basics

This product is…other

– not tested on animals.

– contains no artificial colours or perfumes.

– completely vegetarian

– 100% biodegradable

The product is made in Greece by Abea.


-Unrefined Olive Oil


– Mineral Salts

My opinion

Before using the product I gave it a sniff and to be quite honest it wasn’t amazingly appealing, definitely not as welcoming as the chemical filled soaps and body washes I’m used to. Once in the shower I used the soap to clean my body. It didn’t lather up exceptionally well, however it made my body feel extremely clean and the scent was actually much more appealing on the skin, it smelt lovely and fresh. In addition to this, my skin did indeed feel soft after usage and I did feel super clean. I really enjoyed using this product and my Mum even got me to pick her up one as she enjoyed using it when she tried it. I’m going to keep using this product and see if the spots on my back begin to improve. For now I’m totally happy with the clean feeling I get from a natural chemical free product, it’s definitely something I’ll repurchase. I give it a 4/5


2 thoughts on “The Deetz on …. Oliva Pure Olive Oil Soap

  1. I’m so happy to find someone that uses all natural products! 🙂 I`m interested as my skin is really bad at the moment (too much stress I guess) and I would appreciate if you can give me some advice. My skin is veery sensitive!

    1. Hiya, thanks so much for checking out my blog. I’m totally on the same page as you when it comes to skin (it gets worse when I’m stressed). I turned to natural products, as commercial chemical products would only work to a slight extent on my skin. Plus I didn’t like the idea of all of those unreadable chemicals going onto my face. As you’ve got sensitive skin using honey as a cleanser would be great for you (simply apply honey to a wet face and rinse thoroughly), as it’s mild and gentle and has anti bacterial properties that will keep your skin clean and clear. I recommend not using the harsh natural exfoliants, such as bicarbonate of soda and if using lemon juice on your face (it’s an amazing toner) I would suggest diluting it with water, so it’s less harsh on your skin. Also, my most recent post on an oat and honey face mask would be suitable for your sensitive skin as it’s mild and nourishing and will leave your skin glowing, which is perfect to give your stressed out skin a pick me up. I hope this has helped somewhat. If you want to know anything else please let me know. Thanks again for checking out my blog. Best Wishes ❤

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