The Deetz on … SARAKAN nature’s toothpaste


This is another purchase from Holland and Barrett that you can get here (£2.49) and also if you search it you may find places that do it a bit cheaper. So basically I’m up for trying anything that has a more natural basis as opposed to chemical filled (the fact it’s fluoride free is a massive winner for me).

Here are The Deetz on this product…

The Basics


Use it twice a day like a normal toothpaste (pea sized amount)

Suitable for adults and children

Made in the UK

(what the packet says)

“SARAKAN toothpaste is formulated using high quality ingredients to maximise effective teeth cleaning. It contains the natural extract of the shrub Salvadora persica, sometimes known as the ‘toothbrush tree’. For centuries, Salvadora, in its natural state as twigs, has been rubbed on teeth and gums for dental care. It is still used by millions everyday. Regular brushing with SARAKAN will help restore the natural colour of your teeth, leaving them feeling clean and smooth and your mouth naturally fresh.”

SARAKAN is…Image



-No fluoride

-No SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate)

-No preservatives

-No added colours


The product has also been approved by The British Dental Health Foundation as a useful aid to dental care.

My opinion …

The smell is very fresh which I like, as it is reminiscent of commercial toothpastes (I’m sorry I just need that minty scent for my teeth to feel clean). My Dad and sister thought it smelt like a dentists, which is also a positive. Upon usage it’s quite strange as it doesn’t foam up like other toothpastes (that’s the lacks of SLS), which is weird at first, as you think there isn’t enough product (but there is, a pea size amount is suffice). It has a very fresh taste, not the typical mint taste, but fresh and minty nonetheless. My teeth feel wonderfully clean afterwards and I feel better as it’s free from some harmful chemicals. I really like this product, it’s an essential for me, so I have to give it a 5/5 (as for the whitening properties, I don’t think I’ve used it long enough to see the results, but I’ll definitely keep y’all posted).

Edit: The product has a website for more info.


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