The Deetz on… A super quick and simple DIY face mask/scrub



It’s good to take care of yourself, including your skin. This super simple DIY face mask is perfect for keeping your skin clear and beautiful, the natural way!!! I use this recipe as a face scrub or face mask, both work great and it tastes great too!

Ok so it’s no secret that honey and cinnamon are great for your skin. Honey is used in sooo many natural skin care recipes. This isn’t a revolutionary or original recipe. Just a real good one that has stood the test of time.





1. Start of with a wet/damp face using warm water, as you want the mixture to move around and not just stick.

2. You’re going to want to put a small amount of honey into the palm of your hand ( about hand1tbs ) I put everything in the palm of my hand, just because it doesn’t make a bowl all sticky and I make it whenever I want to use it (I don’t store it). Then sprinkle on some cinnamon, the more you put in the stronger the exfoliating properties will be. TIP!!! If you want a more heavy-duty scrub, swap the cinnamon for brown sugar, this might be better to use on the body than your delicate face though, it just depends what your skin can handle!!! 

3. Go ahead and mix it all together with your fingers, so it’s a nice paste and apply it to your face.mix

4. Now’s the part you can decide whether you want to use it ask a scrub, or a mask. If you’re using it as a scrub simply rub it in and rinse off with warm water. If you’re using it as a mask leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. ( I recommend only doing a face mask once a week, as a pick me up, using face masks too frequently can cause irritation).

Your skin will be looking beautiful and glowy, here’s why…

Honey has natural anti bacterial properties, meaning it will help clear up your skin. It also has moisturising and toning properties leaving your skin soft and firm. Cinnamon also has anti septic properties and in combination with honey and left on the skin it unclogs pores and brings blood to the surface of the skin, making it look rejuvenated.



4 thoughts on “The Deetz on… A super quick and simple DIY face mask/scrub

    1. I hope you enjoy it!!! I absolutely love this recipe to just give my skin that much needed boost :’) There’s definitely more recipes and tips to come, I’ve just got to get through one more week of exams and then I’ll be posting more frequently. 😀

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