The Deetz on … DIY Green Tea Face Mask!!!

I’ve got another super simple DIY face mask, with a couple of variations so here goes. Plus I’m thinking of making “Face Mask Friday” a thing, is that super lame? IDK


Variation 1 – Pure Green Tea

For this all you’re gonna want to do is make yourself a nice cup of green tea. Once you’ve drunk it squeeze the green tea bag of water. Cut open the bag and apply the warm leaves to your face. Leave for around 5-10 mins and rinse off thoroughly with luke-warm water. TIP for an instant boost pat the warm tea bag straight onto your face.

Variation 2 – Green Tea, Bicarbonate of Soda and Lemon (optional)

For this you’re going to want to do the same as before. Only this time add 1tsp of pure water to the mix, along with 1tsp of IMG_0017bicarbonate of soda and a squeeze of lemon. (When you add the lemon it will fizz). Give it a mix and you’re ready. Apply this mixture to a clean face for 10 minutes (max). Then rinse thoroughly off with warm water. You’re face will feel super soft and clean and bright and just lovely afterwards, here’s why…

So Green Tea has super amazing benefits for your body, so definitely drink that cup of tea before you make the mask. It’s packed with anti oxidants, which makes your face look healthy and fresh. I love using green tea on my face for a boost and quite often use Variation 1.

The Bicarbonate of Soda is a great exfoliator (you could defo use this recipe as a scrub also) AND helps balance out the skins pH to stop producing excess oils.

The lemon juice is optional, it just gives an extra boost for me personally. Bear in mind the combination of bicarbonate of soda and lemon may not be the best for sensitive skin. I would definitely always do a patch test with any recipe, to see if your skin will handle it.


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