The Deetz on a super softening Honey & Oat face mask!!!

It feels weird typing again, but I’ve seriously been really busy with revision (more like measly attempts at revision) and just general stressing about exams. HOWEVER, I’ve got a super easy and lovely recipe for a face mask that I’ve been LOVING!!! It leaves my face super soft and it’s great to throw it on and have 10 minutes of pure relaxation. So here are the deetz on a honey and oat face mask…


You’re going to need 3 tbsp. of oats, 1tbsp. of honey and a splash of freshly boiled water.

Simply put roughly 3tbsp. of oats in a bowl. Pour in some boiling hot water to make a paste (not too runny, or too thick). It needs to be sticky enough to stay on your face, but loose enough to spread onto the skin easily.

Add one tbsp. of honey and voila that’s it. Spread it across a clean face and leave for about 10 minutes. Simply wash off with warm water.

I absolutely love this mask, the oats and honey create a milky and luxurious mask that leaves my face super soft. For a variation you could add some cinnamon, for extra skin benefiting properties.

Why it works?

The oats absorb and remove excess oil from your skin, leaving it lovely and clean, they also remove dead skin cells leaving your face soft. They even are known to have lightening properties, so it may help to even out blotchy, uneven skin.

Hope you all enjoyed this recipe, I’ll hopefully be back with another post on Friday.


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