The Deetz on … A satsuma-oat face delight

So today I’ve got a lovely and fresh face mask/scrub. It’s summery and fresh and leaves your skin super soft and bright. There were some satsumas in the fruit bowl, so I used them up for this recipe, you could use an orange if you’d prefer, both are packed with ant-oxidants and so are great for your skin AND your insides!!! Here’s the Deetz …

Peel your Satsuma and squeeze 2 of the segments into a bowl. Grate up the skin and add IMG_0098that to the bowl add 2 tsp. of honey (you may need more to make it sticky enough to stick to your face, if you’re using it as a face mask). I added 1 heaped tsp. of oats, just because they are quickly becoming my new favourite skin care product. Seriously, I might have to move oats to the essential section on my Natural Larder page (IKR that’s some serious prestige they earned right there). But of course, the oats are optional, I just love to add them, as it adds a really gentle exfoliant, which gets rid of all those dead cells, without leaving your face bright red. So if you’re using it as a mask leave it for 10 minutes, before washing away with warm water I recommend giving it a nice old rub in, to put those oats to good use. Alternatively, the recipe makes a great cleanser just massage onto a damp face (for a good couple of minutes) and rinse with warm water. Enjoy!!!

Here’s why it works…

Satsumas are packed full of anti oxidants (especially the peel) so they leave your face looking and feeling rejuvenated. The honey is anti bacterial and so gets your face super clean. And the oats are a gentle exfoliant, that leave your face super soft.



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