The Deetz on … a coffee and lemon body scrub (perfect for your legs)

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I haven’t posted in a while, hopefully this great body scrub will make up for it. This body scrub is good for your whole body and will leave you feeling soft and smelling great. I particularly think it’s great for the legs (due to the ingredients), so why not give your legs a treat and get them looking and feeling fab for the summer time. Here are the Deetz…


Lemon (2 tbsp.)

Coffee (freshly brewed coffee, you’ll need about 2 tbsp.)

Brown Sugar (2 tbsp.)

Oats (2 tbsp.)

Simply mix 1 half of a lemon’s juice with a couple of table spoons of freshly brewed coffee cofffeeee(the real stuff not instant). Add in 2 tbsp. of brown sugar and 2 tbsp. of oats and you’re done. It’s that simple. Scrub the delicious smelling mixture onto damp legs (feel free to use it all over the body)and work it in for a couple of minutes, then simply rinse off with warm water. Enjoy your smooth legs!!!

Why it works?

This mix of ingredients is perfect for whipping your legs into shape. The lemon juice has skin evening properties, which will get rid of blotches and blemishes on your legs (over long term use). It may also help lighten darker toned knees with regular usage. The coffee is packed with caffeine which stimulates blood flow to the legs, making them look fresh and helping prevent/minimise the appearance of cellulite. The brown sugar acts as the perfect exfoliant, whilst the oats add a moisturising element and a more gentle exfoliation.

Hope you liked this recipe, there’s much more to come over the next week! Best Wishes x


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