The Deetz on … A Brightening Super Skin Scrub

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I’ve been enjoying the beautifully hot weekend we’ve had here in England and only just sat down to share a great recipe for a face scrub, that will leave your skin bright and smooth. Get healthy looking skin for the week ahead. Here are the Deetz …


2 tbsp. sea salt (if you don’t have sea salt, brown sugar would work too)

3 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. olive oil


This is a very simple recipe (as always) natural skin care really is easy and definitely worth giving a go. All you need to do is mix all of the ingredients together, crushing up the salt as you mix. Apply the mixture to a damp face and massage onto the skin in a circular motion for a minute or so. Leave the mixture onto the face for about another minute, to let all of the ingredients really get to work. Simply rinse off with water.

Why it works?

The lemon juice is perfect for evening out blotchy uneven skin, making it appear bright and healthy.

The sea salt is a great exfoliant that really tackles any dead skin cells on your face; leaving it soft, smooth and bright.

The olive oil adds an element of moisture, helping keep the skin hydrated and soft.

(Note this is quite an intense scrub, so I would recommend using It only once or twice a week, as it could damage and hurt skin if used frequently)

I hope everyone has a great week! Best wishes x


9 thoughts on “The Deetz on … A Brightening Super Skin Scrub

      1. I did! My face felt very clean afterwards. It should! I use salt to brush my teeth and deep clean my scalp and soles of my feet! I’ll use your salt scrub as an inexpensive deep cleanser for my face.

      2. Ahh I love the idea of using salt as a deep cleanser for the scalp! I really need to focus more attention on making my hair care regime totally natural.

      3. Ah I’m new at it too 😀 Hmm I think if you highlight some text in the post and click the insert link button you can redirect to a different web address, that’s the only way I know how to do it :/

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