The Deetz on … Tea Tree Soap

Organic Tea Tree Soap Bar

I’ve got a review on Tea Tree Soap to share today. I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks now, after wanting to change up my skin care routine (I may go into depth with my full routine in a future post) and have really enjoyed the results. So here are The Deetz

Dr Organic is a brand that has a wide variety of products, such as shampoos, creams and other beauty related goods. (check out their website here). I bought the soap for just £2.99 at Holland and Barrett, which I thought was a reasonable price for a facial cleanser. The products all use only organic ingredients and are against a vast range of things such as animal testing, GM, harsh chemicals and preservatives, so I thought this would be a perfect natural product for my face!

The product is suitable for all over the body, but I use it purely for my face. The particular main ingredients of tea tree and green tea are perfect for my blemish prone oily skin. There are other ingredient combinations that may suit your skin type better, so definitely check out their website/products.


I really can’t praise this product enough. It smells nice and anti septic (which I love), however it’s not too strong so it won’t be off putting if you don’t like that scent. I simply damp my face lather up the soap in my hands (the product is SLS free so it’s not wildly foamy) and rub it into my face. I rinse well with water and dry and my skin feels clean and fresh. The product has really helped to keep break outs at bay and made me feel more confident to go totally makeup free. I really recommend this brand to you all and hope you have a look at their large variety of products, I really would like to try their shampoos and conditioners as well as another soap!


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