Skin Care Routine (natural and minimal) ❀

image from Dr Organic website

Thought it might be a cool idea to share my skin care routine as I’m pretty happy with how my skin is at the moment. I know branded natural products can be really pricey, so my routine goes back to basics and is very minimalist! I am totally open to trying new products as well so if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!!!

I must admit my skin’s condition has improved and I think it’s down to the products I use as well as a better diet! Also I think my skin has improved due to a better and more positive mind set. Stress and negativity can equal spots and so I’ve been trying to see my skin in a more positive light and now I can say that I do see my skin positively. It’s so easy to get down on your skin especially if it’s more blemished than your friends and fellow peers, but comparing yourself to everybody else isn’t going to improve your skin. These products have personally worked for me, let me know what works for you, if you have a solid routine?

THE PRODUCTS I try and keep the products I use to a bare minimum I feel like it’s a good idea to only use the products YOU need, as opposed to following a generic routine where you feel like you need 5 moisturisers and goodness knows what else even if your skin really doesn’t need it at all.

So on a daily basis morning and night I use … Dr Organic Tea Tree and Green tea soap to cleanse (it’s like £3 and lasts AGES still haven’t finished mine) and then some apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 parts water as a toner. Literally the acv is the best thing EVER, when I don’t use it I really notice a negative difference. I recommend it as a natural toner, however make sure you don’t make it too acidic for your skin (mix up your own combinations of acv and water to test what your skin feels comfortable with).

Every other night (2/3 times a week) I like to exfoliate whether that be with oats to for a light exfoliation that adds moisture to my skin, or sugar and honey for a more intense scrub!

And once a week I treat myself to a face mask. (homemade of course) This has been my favourite at the moment!

Hope this was helpful to anybody wanting some ideas on natural skin care, especially if you’re on a budget!


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