DIY apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Today I’m bringing the deetz on an extremely simple yet effective recipe for an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Hair rinses are an amazing way to improve the quality and condition of your hair; I absolutely love this apple cider vinegar rinse as it gets rid of product build up and leave you with soft shiny hair with a lot of life. blossom-4

You will need

-Apple cider vinegar

-A cup/mug



All you need to do is put a splash of apple cider vinegar into your cup and fill up the rest with water. I dilute mine quite a lot (I’d say it’s roughly 1 part acv to 10parts water), you can change the intensity depending on the sensitivity of your scalp. I wash my hair as normal and then I pour over the hair rinse. When I’ve poured it over I don’t stand under the shower head, so that the solution isn’t instantly washed away. When the rinse is on my hair I work it into my scalp, as apple cider vinegar is great for maintaining a healthy scalp as well as eliminating product build up. Once worked in I simply rinse out with warm water from the shower. The next day my hair is always super soft and shiny and looks very healthy (don’t worry it doesn’t smell of acv). I love doing this rinse once a week to give my hair a much needed cleanse!

Have you tried any hair rinses? I realise this is my second hair related post in a row and I have more hair related posts coming up (a review and general tips), I’ve found myself paying more attention to my hair now that I feel more confident with my skin routine. Best wishes 🙂


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