The North American Hemp Co. shampoo & conditioner REVIEW


Hi everyone, today I’m bringing the deetz on a shampoo and conditioner from the North American Hemp Co. that I’ve been using for about 3-4 months. I was bought the shampoo and conditioner for my parents at Christmas as they know my love for natural products! Here are the deeeeetz…..

The ‘soak it up’ range boasts to add moisture to dry damaged hair. The key ingredients of both the shampoo and conditioner being omega fatty acids, chamomile extract and thermal algae, which contribute towards repairing and hydrating your hair. Personally I didn’t find the products extremely noticeably moisturising after the first few washes, however after long term usage I noticed my ends weren’t appearing as dry as they normally would. The shampoo didn’t irritate my scalp which is a massive bonus as my scalp is really sensitive. The scent of shampoo is quite intriguing, it’s quite a sweet scent, reminiscent of a pina colada :’D A negative of the conditioner is that it’s in a pump form, as it stopped giving product about 2 thirds of the way through (I removed the lid so got to use up the rest). The shampoo claimed to “add shine” and “tame coarse tresses”. I didn’t significantly notice increased shine, however my hair wasn’t as static/coarse after usage. The conditioner claimed to “instantly repair split ends”, which is a pretty ambitious statement to say the least! It didn’t instantly repair my split ends, but the rich formula really nourished my ends leaving them stronger and more hydrated preventing split ends, rather then magically fixing them. My overall verdict would be the products were good but not amazing enough to urge me to repurchase. If I had to repurchase I would go for the conditioner over the shampoo, because the rich formula made a difference to my dry hair.

What’s your favourite shampoo/conditioner? So you have any tips for split ends? Best wishes 🙂


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