Natural Favourites 🌺

STUFF1This is my first post in a while due to revision for my exams AND applying for jobs. I wanted to do a post that compiled all of my current favourite natural things in one place with a little review or discussion about each thing. Here are the deetz on my current favourite things…

1. Aloe Vera Gel – I get this aloe vera gel from Holland and Barrett for about 4/3 pounds and it’s great because it’s 99.9% aloe vera. It’s recommended/strongly suggested that if you buy aloe vera gel it’s at least 98%. I’ve been using this a lot recently as here in the UK it’s been pretty sunny (although as I’m writing this its been pouring down with rain). I love applying it after being out in the sun as it rehydrates my skin and minimises redness. Furthermore, I use it under my eyes in the evening as an eye cream as it’s super hydrating.

2. The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner – For some reason my lips have been a little dryer than usual. At Christmas I got the lip butter and it worked wonders, so I’ve began using it again. It warms up and melts as you rub it onto your lips and really conditions them leaving them super soft. I’m not totally sure whether The Body Shop products are considered as “natural” as they do still contain stuff that I’m not too sure about BUT I really like the brands fair trade ethos and enjoy using their products.

3. Bamboo headband – This headband made from bamboo is a recent purchase (from my sister) and it’s been SUPER useful. As you’re probably aware I love homemade face masks and this keeps my hair out of my face and makes me feel like I’m having a proper spa treatment. I’ve used it constantly since I got it, whether it be when washing my face or just to keep my hair out of the way and it’s great (it’s also soft and in my favourite colour).

4. Whole Earth Peanut Butter – My blog isn’t really a foodie blog but I love cooking(and eating) and would love to incorporate it more into my blog. Peanut butter is one of my favourite things and this one by whole earth is super clean containing only peanuts, sea salt and palm oil. It’s delicious and I love it spread on bananas.

5. Sea salt – I read somewhere online that saline solution is good for the skin. I’ve been putting saline solution (warm water and sea salt) on my face every evening for the past few days and I can really see a difference. I pat it onto my face let it soak in for 10 minutes or so then I rinse my face and moisturise. Saline solution is antibacterial which is probably why I’m seeing a positive difference on my skin.

Hope you liked this post, what things have you been loving recently? Have a lovely weekend 😀



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