Worry Overload


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about worrying and how I’ve really overcome it over the years. I’ve just finished my exams today (I had my English literature a level just this morning), so naturally recently my levels of worrying have really flared up. Today I’m going to share a few things that I do to keep worrying to a minimal and how to cope with the sometimes overwhelming feelings. Please share your experiences with worrying and tips and tricks so we can all help each other out.

1. Making a plan – If my worry is about something happening in the future (eg, exams) I like to make lists and plan the stuff I need to get done. That way I don’t find myself panicking as much because I have a physical thing that provides me with clarity rather than a massive mess in my brain.

2. Exercise – Walking is my main mode of transport and I love it. It gets me places pretty quickly, whilst I can absorb the busy diverse atmosphere of the city I live in. If I find myself stressed or worried I go for a walk and it helps clear my mind and allows me to become immersed in the busy city life and it sort of makes your worries seem less prevalent as in the city your emotion just becomes one big collective force. In addition to walking I love stretching it relaxes me and allows my mind to focus on breathing and pushing myself into different stretches. (I love the full body stretch by Psyche Truth)

3. De Stress – De stressing is different for everyone. For me personally it consists of being in my pyjamas with a book and either peppermint tea or lemon water. At the moment I’ve finally got around to reading Memoirs of a Geisha and I’m loving it. I also love chilling with a face mask on and watching Totally Spies or ANTM.

4. Sharing – If I’m worried about something I tend to tell my parents about it and they really help me solve the worry, or they simply make me laugh to make it seem so futile. If you have somebody to chat with give it a go because a problem shared is a problem halved right?

5. Perspective – I read this quote somewhere and it said something like “worrying is a waste of your imagination”. This always helps put things in perspective for me as being a creative person the idea that I’m wasting it by consuming my brain with worries really helps me snap out of it. Furthermore the fact that worrying doesn’t change the situation is always important to remember and being pro active about a situation is far more productive.

Thanks for reading everyone! Now that my exams are over I’m going to aim to post at least once a week seeing as I have LOTS of free time. Have a lovely week 😀


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