Mental Clutter

I’ve been clearing out my stuff recently. I find reorganising and getting rid of stuff extremely therapeutic. I’m convinced that when I reorganise and declutter my bedroom that it is also clearing and reorganising my mind.

Today I sorted through all of my clothes and folded them all into piles which I stacked on my bed. I was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had. I’ve got rid of a lot of stuff, which I’m donating or giving to people. Having less stuff makes me feel more comfortable. That sounds sort of strange I guess but having a more minimalistic wardrobe and surroundings makes me feel better. I mean REALLY speaking we don’t need many clothes only some trousers and a t-shirt and a jumper for when it’s cold if we’re talking in terms of true minimalism. The amount of clothes I’m left with is still more than enough of what I’ll ever need, which is funny considering to many my stacks of clothes may seem meagre.

The whole process of  de cluttering is something I try to apply to my mind. If there are issues or problems floating about in my mind or stuck in corners collecting dust I try to address them. Taking some quiet time for yourself in a peaceful environment can help with this process. Address your thoughts, worries, concerns and problems and then try to come up with a solution or discard anything that has no place in your life. It sounds quite simplistic and of course it’s a work in progress. Many of us Spring clean and have clear outs, to create a serene and simplistic environment. How often do we declutter our minds?


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