Current Natural Favourites ✿


Hi everyone! I’m doing another natural favourites post, because I really enjoyed writing that post and it seemed to be quite well received. I’m not totally sure if it will be a monthly thing, I just like to share my favourite things with you and hope that readers will also share some of the things they’ve been loving. Here are the favourites…

1. Incense – This incense is by a brand called AUROSHIKHA and it’s the best scented incense I’ve ever used! I’ve been newly loving the Ylang Ylang scent and the African Violet scent is an all time favourite.

2. Grapefruit – Grapefruit has been my go to breakfast recently due to the surge in hot weather we’ve been experiencing here in England. I keep mine in the fridge over night to keep it nice and cold, it’s super refreshing and packed with vitamin C.

3. Lemon and Sugar Scrub – I’ve been making a really quick bodyscrub recently to keep my skin soft and even.I simpy half a lemon and dip it in brown sugar. I then scrub onto damp skin (mainly my legs and arms) and rinse off. It leaves my skin super soft. The sugar is a great natural exfoliant which is a bit gentler than salt and the lemon has antibacterial properties as well as lightening properties, to create a more even skin tone.

4. Tahini – I’ve found myself putting tahini on pretty much everything. Whether I’m using it to make humus or drizzling it over dishes it adds a delicious creamy taste to everything I eat.

5. Camomile and Spearmint Tea – This tea was In my “Favourite Teas” post and it’s really proved extremely popular with me over the past month. It’s a super refreshing flavour that’s perfect for warmer weather.

What have you been loving? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Current Natural Favourites ✿

      1. Ahh awsome! Have you tried coconut oil? As a face oil? It’s my new favourite thing at the moment! And a mixture of essential oils for differnt purposes! I’ve done a post on coconut oil if you want to to check them out and will be doing one on essential oils soon! They are Amazing ! X

      2. I will check out that post now as I have coconut oil but have never actually used it on my face (I’ve used it on my hair and in cooking though)! I can’t wait for your post on essential oils as I’m a bit clueless on them but really want to learn more about their uses so I can incorporate them into my life! 🙂 x

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