Natural Favourites 🌺

STUFF1This is my first post in a while due to revision for my exams AND applying for jobs. I wanted to do a post that compiled all of my current favourite natural things in one place with a little review or discussion about each thing. Here are the deetz on my current favourite things…

1. Aloe Vera Gel – I get this aloe vera gel from Holland and Barrett for about 4/3 pounds and it’s great because it’s 99.9% aloe vera. It’s recommended/strongly suggested that if you buy aloe vera gel it’s at least 98%. I’ve been using this a lot recently as here in the UK it’s been pretty sunny (although as I’m writing this its been pouring down with rain). I love applying it after being out in the sun as it rehydrates my skin and minimises redness. Furthermore, I use it under my eyes in the evening as an eye cream as it’s super hydrating.

2. The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner – For some reason my lips have been a little dryer than usual. At Christmas I got the lip butter and it worked wonders, so I’ve began using it again. It warms up and melts as you rub it onto your lips and really conditions them leaving them super soft. I’m not totally sure whether The Body Shop products are considered as “natural” as they do still contain stuff that I’m not too sure about BUT I really like the brands fair trade ethos and enjoy using their products.

3. Bamboo headband – This headband made from bamboo is a recent purchase (from my sister) and it’s been SUPER useful. As you’re probably aware I love homemade face masks and this keeps my hair out of my face and makes me feel like I’m having a proper spa treatment. I’ve used it constantly since I got it, whether it be when washing my face or just to keep my hair out of the way and it’s great (it’s also soft and in my favourite colour).

4. Whole Earth Peanut Butter – My blog isn’t really a foodie blog but I love cooking(and eating) and would love to incorporate it more into my blog. Peanut butter is one of my favourite things and this one by whole earth is super clean containing only peanuts, sea salt and palm oil. It’s delicious and I love it spread on bananas.

5. Sea salt – I read somewhere online that saline solution is good for the skin. I’ve been putting saline solution (warm water and sea salt) on my face every evening for the past few days and I can really see a difference. I pat it onto my face let it soak in for 10 minutes or so then I rinse my face and moisturise. Saline solution is antibacterial which is probably why I’m seeing a positive difference on my skin.

Hope you liked this post, what things have you been loving recently? Have a lovely weekend 😀



The North American Hemp Co. shampoo & conditioner REVIEW


Hi everyone, today I’m bringing the deetz on a shampoo and conditioner from the North American Hemp Co. that I’ve been using for about 3-4 months. I was bought the shampoo and conditioner for my parents at Christmas as they know my love for natural products! Here are the deeeeetz…..

The ‘soak it up’ range boasts to add moisture to dry damaged hair. The key ingredients of both the shampoo and conditioner being omega fatty acids, chamomile extract and thermal algae, which contribute towards repairing and hydrating your hair. Personally I didn’t find the products extremely noticeably moisturising after the first few washes, however after long term usage I noticed my ends weren’t appearing as dry as they normally would. The shampoo didn’t irritate my scalp which is a massive bonus as my scalp is really sensitive. The scent of shampoo is quite intriguing, it’s quite a sweet scent, reminiscent of a pina colada :’D A negative of the conditioner is that it’s in a pump form, as it stopped giving product about 2 thirds of the way through (I removed the lid so got to use up the rest). The shampoo claimed to “add shine” and “tame coarse tresses”. I didn’t significantly notice increased shine, however my hair wasn’t as static/coarse after usage. The conditioner claimed to “instantly repair split ends”, which is a pretty ambitious statement to say the least! It didn’t instantly repair my split ends, but the rich formula really nourished my ends leaving them stronger and more hydrated preventing split ends, rather then magically fixing them. My overall verdict would be the products were good but not amazing enough to urge me to repurchase. If I had to repurchase I would go for the conditioner over the shampoo, because the rich formula made a difference to my dry hair.

What’s your favourite shampoo/conditioner? So you have any tips for split ends? Best wishes 🙂

DIY apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Today I’m bringing the deetz on an extremely simple yet effective recipe for an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Hair rinses are an amazing way to improve the quality and condition of your hair; I absolutely love this apple cider vinegar rinse as it gets rid of product build up and leave you with soft shiny hair with a lot of life. blossom-4

You will need

-Apple cider vinegar

-A cup/mug



All you need to do is put a splash of apple cider vinegar into your cup and fill up the rest with water. I dilute mine quite a lot (I’d say it’s roughly 1 part acv to 10parts water), you can change the intensity depending on the sensitivity of your scalp. I wash my hair as normal and then I pour over the hair rinse. When I’ve poured it over I don’t stand under the shower head, so that the solution isn’t instantly washed away. When the rinse is on my hair I work it into my scalp, as apple cider vinegar is great for maintaining a healthy scalp as well as eliminating product build up. Once worked in I simply rinse out with warm water from the shower. The next day my hair is always super soft and shiny and looks very healthy (don’t worry it doesn’t smell of acv). I love doing this rinse once a week to give my hair a much needed cleanse!

Have you tried any hair rinses? I realise this is my second hair related post in a row and I have more hair related posts coming up (a review and general tips), I’ve found myself paying more attention to my hair now that I feel more confident with my skin routine. Best wishes 🙂

Dr organic face wash and skin lotion review


I’ve been using this face wash and skin lotion since the start of February, so I thought I’d share what I thought of it 🙂 I got the products as yet again I wanted to shake up my routine a bit and this has definitely kept me content for the past couple of months (and I’m sure will continue to satisfy me over future months). I’ve used the Dr Organic tea tree soap before which I really enjoyed  so I thought I’d splurge on their actual skin care range, which I actually got on offer for buy 1 get 1 half price at Holland and Barrett. The regular price is £6.49 each , which is quite reasonable considering the bottles are BIG (200ml) and I have easy enough to last another 2/3 months.

The Dr Organic Tea Tree Face Wash is suitable for all skin types, but particularly targeted towards those with oily, combination and blemish prone skin. My skin is definitely under the combination/blemish prone category. The wash contains tea tree mandarin, lemon and witch hazel, which make the wash antibacterial and great for blemished skin. when using the wash I was pleasantly surprised by the smell which was more mandarin than tea tree, furthermore I was slightly concerned that the wash would be quite harsh due to the strong bioactive ingredients, however it really is gentle and soothing. Another great thing about this wash is that it isn’t drying, as it is balanced so a toner isn’t required (I love simplicity).

After using the face wash I go in with the Skin Lotion which I LOVE! the skin lotion is suited for the same people as the wash and is super luxurious and moisturising due to the addition of cocoa butter and shea butter. My skin always feels super soft after using the lotion. Generally speaking after using the wash and lotion my skin feels cleaner, fresher and healthier. It’s helped keep breakouts at bay and even cleared up parts of my skin. I love the way these products make me feel and so I definitely will continue to repurchase, as they work extremely well for me.


The Dr Organic products are…

  • paraben free
  • SLS free
  • Free from artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • against animal testing

Have you ever tried any Dr Organic products? Have a great weekend, best wishes 🙂

Natural non toxic deodorant (cheap and easy)



Let’s talk about deodorant? Not the most glamorous topic, but none the less important. Many commercial brands are packed full of chemicals, to me that’s pretty scary especially as you apply deodorant to a very sensitive area of skin AND it can be easily inhaled. Again natural brands are definitely on the pricey side and so I have two suggestions for a natural deodorant that is CHEAP and CHEERFUL (oh and it works).

SO online there are loads of amazing DIY recipes for deodorant, the thing is they take time and require quite a few ingredients that may not be cheaply acquired. The two suggestions I’m gonna share have cropped up on many websites and videos that I’ve looked at, I’ve tried ’em and have pleasing results, hopefully they will work for you too.

1. Bicarb

The first suggestion is bicarbonate of soda (baking powder) simply patting this on your armpits keeps them odour free. The only problem is I find it can get a bit messy (literally bicarb everywhere!).

2. Lemon juice.

My second suggestion is lemon juice, this is definitely my favourite and the one I’m using right now!!! All I do is slice the top off a lemon and rub it on my armpits, it’s cool because it’s like you’re using a roller deodorant. I keep this in the fridge during the week and slice a bit more off the top each time, SUPER SIMPLE. You could squeeze your lemons and then keep it in a spray bottle in the fridge also. NOTE freshly shaved armpits = ouch with this method. Also your armpits aren’t left damp so don’t worry there.

I wanted to add that both of these ideas worked for me instantly, however I have seen some comments where people’s bodies have taken a while to adjust. We’re all different just gotta find what works for you! 🙂

Skin Care Routine (natural and minimal) ❀

image from Dr Organic website

Thought it might be a cool idea to share my skin care routine as I’m pretty happy with how my skin is at the moment. I know branded natural products can be really pricey, so my routine goes back to basics and is very minimalist! I am totally open to trying new products as well so if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!!!

I must admit my skin’s condition has improved and I think it’s down to the products I use as well as a better diet! Also I think my skin has improved due to a better and more positive mind set. Stress and negativity can equal spots and so I’ve been trying to see my skin in a more positive light and now I can say that I do see my skin positively. It’s so easy to get down on your skin especially if it’s more blemished than your friends and fellow peers, but comparing yourself to everybody else isn’t going to improve your skin. These products have personally worked for me, let me know what works for you, if you have a solid routine?

THE PRODUCTS I try and keep the products I use to a bare minimum I feel like it’s a good idea to only use the products YOU need, as opposed to following a generic routine where you feel like you need 5 moisturisers and goodness knows what else even if your skin really doesn’t need it at all.

So on a daily basis morning and night I use … Dr Organic Tea Tree and Green tea soap to cleanse (it’s like £3 and lasts AGES still haven’t finished mine) and then some apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 parts water as a toner. Literally the acv is the best thing EVER, when I don’t use it I really notice a negative difference. I recommend it as a natural toner, however make sure you don’t make it too acidic for your skin (mix up your own combinations of acv and water to test what your skin feels comfortable with).

Every other night (2/3 times a week) I like to exfoliate whether that be with oats to for a light exfoliation that adds moisture to my skin, or sugar and honey for a more intense scrub!

And once a week I treat myself to a face mask. (homemade of course) This has been my favourite at the moment!

Hope this was helpful to anybody wanting some ideas on natural skin care, especially if you’re on a budget!

Quick and Healthy Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Alternative


HAPPY SATURDAY!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I have a really quick and yummy recipe that makes indulging in a lovely bowl of ice cream totally guilt free. Chunky monkey ice cream is my FAVOURITE so it’s great to have a cheaper and healthier alternative.

All I do is throw a whole banana (that has previously been cut into chunks and frozen) into the nutri bullet (or any blender of choice) with some honey, dark chocolate and walnuts. I like to sprinkle some extra walnuts and chocolate on top!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ❤